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Special R&B song for the ladies💃🏿💃🏿


Baby check me
I'm comin' straight to yo ass ain't no bullshittin'
Cause all I want is just to treat u right
Ain't no comin' lke dose stupid ass punk niggaz
Busy talkin shit

Let me hit u with ma vybe take u to anoder mood u ain't never felt
Better know dat u in a presence of a Real G
Hell yh ain't never really stop for hoes feel ma real talk

Just wanna take u to de moon bby let's get laid
Hit some of dat blunt den get high wid me
Drink some of dat Henny to clear your throat
Den get down to de business do me right

Break out de Champaign and wet de bed
Stop holdin yourself tell me how u want it
Hit your ass till de morning cause I feel u
Just tell me one time let a nigga do you

Do you, Do you baby(2)
Let a nigga do you, do you baby
Do you, Do you baby

Let's roll to de club and hit some of dat shit
Just me and u bby can't nobody judge
Cause all I want just spend de night wid u
Ridin de streetz tonight wid a Thug nigga

Tell me can u feel fruit dat I'm offerin
Hit u wid some Thug passion u ain't never witness
Tongue kissin in de free way fck everybody
Always sayin bullshit hope to be us

Now let me see your ass shakin'
Big black booty filled up with de melanin
Makin niggaz gowin crazy when dey see u Passin' in de hood bananas' in de air

Dey call me Mr.Pacento on de beat
Cause I be bouncin' dem asses lke a fckin beat
Activate Hydraulics on your big ass
Hit it once to three times
Let a nigga do you

Do you, Do you baby(2)
Let a nigga do you, do you baby
Do you, Do you baby

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